The big exhibition is coming, see how the pavilions of the yarn exhibition prepare for the exhibition

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The big exhibition is coming, see how the pavilions of the yarn exhibition prepare for the exhibition

The big exhibition is coming, see how the pavilions of the yarn exhibition prepare for the exhibition

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Spring breeze rises in Shanghai, and shore Liu Chun returns.
March 12-14, the yarnexpo 2019 spring and summer yarn exhibition will be in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), in the same place as the spring and summer noodle accessories exhibition, the spring clothing and apparel expo, the spring home textile exhibition and the spring knitting exhibition. A 2019 China Textile Federation textile industry spring market action.
Benefiting from the comprehensive advantages of the exhibition platform's professionalism, internationalization, and one-stop procurement facilitation, more and more companies in the industry choose yarnexpo yarn exhibition platform to display products, open up markets, and understand industry information and development trends.
The exhibition area of ​​this exhibition reached 26,000 square meters, occupying the entire hall 8.2H. A total of 468 overseas exhibitors from 12 countries and regions, including 382 domestic exhibitors. Compared with the same period last year, the number of exhibitors at this exhibition increased by about 7.5%.
Together, we have strength. This year's exhibition will feature 7 domestic pavilions and 2 overseas pavilions. The exhibition period is approaching. The exhibiting companies of all the pavilions are making intensive preparations before the exhibition. Let's take a look together. What kind of housekeeping skills will they bring out? (This is the first group introduction)
Xinjiang Pavilion: New and Old Faces Battle Together
Xinjiang's textile industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Xinjiang is the main cotton growing area in China, and Xinjiang cotton is also a representative of domestic high-quality cotton. With the strong support of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang has continuously organized delegations to participate in the China International Textile and Yarn Exhibition to explore markets for Xinjiang textile enterprises, find business opportunities, promote new products, understand the latest industry information and strengthen the relationship with textile enterprises in the Mainland. The cooperation has attracted outstanding enterprises from the mainland's textile and apparel industry to invest and develop in Xinjiang, and has established a good communication platform.
At present, the technology level and equipment level of Xinjiang's cotton spinning industry are at the forefront of the country, and the product quality and output are also highly competitive. High-quality Xinjiang yarns are recognized by more and more domestic and foreign merchants. Xinjiang Fuli Zhenlun, Bazhou Jinfu, Xinjiang Kangruixin, Xinjiang Baizheng, Xinjiang Jinxinyu, Xinjiang Dongchunxing and other key enterprises in Xinjiang are becoming more and more enthusiastic about participating in the exhibition. Become a beautiful landscape at each yarn exhibition.
In addition to all the old faces who appeared on the show, there are also some new faces participating in the exhibition to learn from the product advantages of other companies in the same industry in order to continuously improve product quality. Xinjiang Lihua Textile Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiu Jiu Cotton Spinning Co., Ltd. of Aksu Region), which will participate for the first time, will bring key exhibits such as ring spinning and air-jet spinning cotton yarns. According to Jia Chunsheng, the company's general manager, the company has developed rapidly since 2017 and has grown in size. The products are sold to Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with relatively stable sales. In addition to the platform established by Yarnexpo Spring-Summer 2019, this time, in addition to raising the profile of the company, I also hope to get to know a wider range of potential partners.
Xiajin Pavilion: Exploiting the Market
Xiajin County, Shandong Province, is famous for its cotton planting and is known as the "Yinxiajin". It has successively won honors such as "China's Famous Cotton Textile City", "Country of Assured Quality of China's Textile Products", "Country with Strong Food Industry", "Hometown of China's Fruit Fruit", "National Advanced County of Ecological Civilization" and other honors. The strong participation of Xiajin County in the yarnexpo 2019 spring and summer yarn exhibition in the form of an exhibition group will focus on the advantages of local industries.
The reporter learned in the interview that the previous market model of fighting for prices and sales volume has long been out of date. Only by paying more attention to the diversified needs of downstream customers and developing marketable products for the first time can we take the initiative and lead the market. . Xiajin Fengrun Industrial Co., Ltd. produces different yarns according to customer requirements and implements order-based production, which effectively meets customer needs. According to Meng Lingjun, the company's general manager, through attending yarnexpo yarn exhibition in the past, he has made many new customers, and his corporate image has gradually improved. This exhibition will focus on slub yarns, blended yarns, and linen yarns. In addition, new yarn exhibitions are also prepared to provide opportunities for the company's continuous development.
Xiajin County Zongying Textile Co., Ltd. said that the main purpose of the exhibition is to leave an impression in the hearts of customers and lay the foundation for the company's future development. According to Xu Changjian, a staff member of the company's office, in the face of diversified market requirements, the first thing to do is to stabilize the product quality and increase the quality inspection link when purchasing raw materials. The products of Zongying Textile are selling well in the areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with stable product quality and good reputation. The main exhibits brought to this exhibition are TCAB21-40 and slub yarn, TRAB and slub yarn, combed siro-spun cotton yarn, etc. I hope that the platform of yarnexpo spring and summer 2019 will help the company in Shanghai, Guangdong and other places opened markets.
China Textile Academy Group: Green wrists are stronger
As the source of the development of the textile industry chain, the green ecological development process, especially the research and development of innovative processes, is of great significance to promote the sustainable development of the textile industry and the entire society. Innovative research and development capabilities are not only the core competitiveness of an enterprise, but also an important guarantee for building a textile power.
This year's exhibition, China Academy of Textile Science and Technology Co., Ltd. still participated in the overall image, with several units participating in the exhibition. Among them, Dalilon of Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of good light stability, good elasticity, high color fastness, and uniform coloring, which can reduce the environmental pollution problems caused by the traditional dyeing process.
Suzhou Shiming Technology Co., Ltd. will exhibit water-based colorants and functional pastes for fiber dope coloring. After years of development, Suzhou Shiming Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated a large number of proprietary technologies and key processes, and has strong The core competitive advantage of the market has gradually grown into a leading company in the field of domestic color paste R & D, production and sales.
In the past exhibiting experience, yarnexpo yarn exhibition platform provides a good channel for the marketing of world-renowned technology fiber dope colored pulp products. With the increase of energy saving, emission reduction and profit pressure, the dope coloring and differentiated fibers are entering a period of rapid development. According to Xu Liwei, the director of the company's Textile Color Research Institute, this opportunity provided a good opportunity for the company to develop a market for water-based colorants and functional pastes for fiber dope coloring.
At present, downstream customers have put forward more stringent requirements for application performance such as environmental protection performance and continuous spinning time. The company has increased research and development efforts, focused on promoting related project research and development, and continuously optimized existing product formulas and processes. , Hoping to provide products with better performance for the fiber industry.
Xu Liwei said frankly that Shiming Technology attaches great importance to the 2019 yarnexpo spring and summer yarn exhibition display platform, and yarnexp yarn exhibition has already become an important platform and channel for displaying products and understanding industry information in the industry.
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