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Here tells you the cotton requirements for different use yarns!
Multi-variety production, yarns with different counts, yarns with different technological processes and processing methods, and yarns with different uses. The purpose of cotton blending is to use raw cotton more reasonably, because the quality and characteristics of yarns are endless. The same, plus the spinning process has its own characteristics, therefore, the quality requirements of raw yarns for various yarns are different. 1. Different count yarns High count yarns generally refer to more than 50 yarns, which are generally used in high-end products. They require high yarn strength, few appearance defects, uniform dryness, high yarn counts with smaller wire diameters and cross sections. The number of fibers contained in it is small, the defects are easily exposed, and the number of fibers in the section is distributed
1000kg / h! New technology for batch production of graphene yarn developed in the UK!
Multifunctional wearable electronic textiles have been the focus of much attention due to their great potential in healthcare, sportswear, fitness and aerospace applications. In recent years, smart wearable textiles have experienced a renaissance through innovation, miniaturization, and the wireless revolution. With the continuous advancement of technology, people have worked hard to integrate textile-based sensors into clothing. However, the current manufacturing process is complex, time-consuming, expensive, and the materials used are non-biodegradable and use unstable metals as conductive material. Due to its high electrical conductivity and flexibility, graphene is considered a potentially good material for these types of applications.
The big exhibition is coming, see how the pavilions of the yarn exhibition prepare for the exhibition
2019 yarnexpo spring breeze in Shanghai, shore Liu Chunyi return. March 12-14, the yarnexpo 2019 spring and summer yarn exhibition will be in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), in the same place as the spring and summer noodle accessories exhibition, spring clothing and apparel fair, spring home textile exhibition and spring knitting exhibition A 2019 China Textile Federation textile industry spring market action. Benefiting from the comprehensive advantages of the exhibition platform's professionalism, internationalization, and one-stop procurement facilitation, more and more companies in the industry choose yarnexpo yarn exhibition platform to display products, develop markets, understand industry information and
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