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Customer First

Customers are our bread and butter

Providing quality products and services to our customers is the only reason for our existence

In the face of customer feedback, even if it is not their own responsibility, do not shirk

Proactively solve problems for customers

Excavate customer demand, continuously create value for customer

The Quality For This

Quality products are our survival

Strict implementation of operating standards to ensure product quality

When quality and cost conflict, insist on quality first

Pursuit of excellence, constantly optimize the process

Adhere to the concept of innovation, continue to promote technological innovation

Team Collaboration

Have a sense of ownership and positively influence the team

Actively share business knowledge and experience and offer necessary help to colleagues

Actively integrate into the team, willing to accept the help of colleagues, and cooperate with the team to complete the work

Healthy competition, mutual help and collaborative progress are formed between teams


Honesty and integrity, do what you say, do what you say
Put forward your own opinions and suggestions through the correct channels and processes
Brave to admit mistakes, dare to take responsibility, and objectively reflect problems,
Strictly stop dishonesty that harms the company's interests
Persist in self-criticism and continue to grow in self-reflection


Do only work-related things during work hours
Today's things are done today, and will never be dragged on tomorrow
Reliable things, there is an account of everything, there is an end to everything, there is a response to everything
Maintain crisis awareness and improve professional skills


Responsible for customers: Provide quality products and services, and establish good long-term cooperative relationships
Responsible for yourself: Persist in learning, self-improvement, and achievement of yourself
Responsible for the company: Dedicated to the job, continuously creating economic benefits for the company
Responsible for the society: Adhere to honest management, advocate green environmental protection, and assume social responsibility