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Hengchang group Shanghai investment co., LTD is an investment enterprise with independent legal personality and diversified project development and service. The company was founded on July 14, 2008, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The main business scope is industrial investment, investment management, asset management, real estate leasing, property management, domestic and foreign trade, marketing planning and consulting services. It focuses on the investment in asset management, international trade, science and technology industry and real estate. Have sufficient experience in investment risk operation planning and management; By taking advantage of the advantaged economic environment in Shanghai, we can collect relevant information extensively, establish the company's development platform, and promote the company's rapid development towards internationalization and diversification.
  At present, the company's main investment industries include:
  1. Wuzhishan mingyuan real estate development co., ltd. develops the wuzhishan forest lake project, covering an area of 470 mu, with a construction area of about 400,000 square meters;
  2. Acquired the land of wuzhishan machinery factory by auction at the end of April 2014, covering about 130 mu, and established wuzhishan hengchang real estate development co., LTD.;
  3. Started to set foot in securities investment in 2010 and set up an office in hangzhou.